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A new book is in the works. See Ancient Words Ever True. It is very timely as the world moves closer to the official adoption of “The Day of the Family.”

Short Bio:

Tim Cator is a technical writer by trade and a teacher by heart. He is intrigued with what people believe but mostly why they believe it – because it’s in the listening that we learn.

Although there is a lighthearted side to Tim, which can be seen in his Quips and Quotes – Little Words, Big Meanings, there is also a very serious side (see Ancient Words Ever True) that comes out when he studies the Word of God. He’s determined to learn what the Bible really says and means for many reasons, but primarily because the Word of God is “a lamp unto [our] feet and a light unto [our] path” (Psalm 119:105)… and What and Whom we follow will determine where we wind up.

Before similar software was readily and affordably available, Tim spent thousands of hours compiling an electronic copy of the King James Version of the Bible that utilizes the actual definitions of every Hebrew, Chaldean, and Greek word of the Bible in place of the English words. He also compiled (probably) the most accurate and comprehensive list of every place mentioned in the Bible and then reconciled their locations on a map by comparing all available sources of data. He is thorough!

Tim is married to a wonderful woman, Ann, who also loves to study and teach the Word of God. Both have a wealth of personal experience listening to, and walking with, the Lord, and years of practical experience that goes beyond just book-learning.

They are blessed with healthy children and growing families.

Tim began college in mechanical engineering and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Cincinnati in 2014 with a bachelor’s in business administration. He works full time, teaches the Bible at every chance, and writes books, which he currently sells on Amazon Books.

His books are also featured in UC Magazine. http://magazine.uc.edu/favorites/authors.html [We’re] “pleased to let you know that your books are now being featured on the UC Magazine website. Congratulations on the success of your work. 

Book Reviews:  

Hey, I really, really liked When Iran Speaks. I liked it so much I read it twice. I can’t wait to read the other book. SJ – Kentucky

I’m finished with The Damascus Demise. Very well written. Very deep. You should promote this to Bible colleges. PC – New York

The Damascus Demise: I liked it! It was a lot to take in – much more involved than When Iran Speaks – but it was very good. I like how you presented the data, backed up the information with facts, included references for further research, then let the reader decide for themselves what to believe. TN – Ohio

The Damascus Demise: I liked it. It was good. There was a lot more to this than your previous book. Phew! MJG – Ohio

I’m part way through The Damascus Demise. It’s very good. EM – Ohio

I just finished When Iran Speaks. I loved it. I read Isaiah 18 in my Bible. Strange words! Then I read your book and saw the Hebrew definitions of them so I understood what they meant. How cool is that? MT – Ohio

When Iran Speaks is amazing. You should send this to every church. I believe the Lord will use this to witness to Jewish people and non-Jewish people alike. Very well written. AC – Ohio

When Iran Speaks. I don’t know how to read the Bible and I never understand it when I try. The way I was raised, we don’t read the Bible for ourselves in church. Your book was very good.  I really liked it.  TW – Ohio

I really liked your book, When Iran Speaks. Very well done. It was very good. You were right on the money, man. You just explained the facts objectively and backed up what you said with Strong’s definitions. RG – Ohio

I looked at your book, When Iran Speaks. Very Impressive. I was surprised. I’ve never seen a book written like that. Very objective. JG – Ohio

When Iran Speaks is very good, you are quite the author. MJG – Ohio

I read Granny’s Apples. It was very funny. Humorous. I also liked A Penny For Your Thoughts. Insightful and thought-provoking.” MJG – Ohio

I’m reading Granny’s Apples. It reminds me of things I read when I was younger in my home country of India. It’s wonderful. I plan to quote from it in church today. JM – Ohio

I’m really enjoying When Iran Speaks. It’s not what I thought it would be.It’s like being a detective. JL – Ohio

I can’t decide which I liked better, A Penny For Your Thoughts or Granny’s Apples. And When Iran Speaks… wow! Amazing. Deep. Very Articulate. I loved it! PC – New York

I really liked A Penny For Your Thoughts. It was really good! TC – New York

A Penny For Your Thoughts: I was impressed. Some were funny. Some were very thought-provoking. I am amazed at your insight and how in tune you are. PF – Ohio

I liked Granny’s Apples. I’m about ready to start A Penny For Your Thoughts. Then I’m going to read When Iran Speaks. I also liked your interviews. PM – Ohio

Grannies Apples:  Tim, I can not thank you enough for sharing your books with me. You are a “blessed” writer. Keep it up. God bless you… You didn’t tell me you’d make me cry at the end of your book. PF – Ohio

Hey, I finished Granny’s Apples. I liked it, but I like A Penny For Your Thoughts even better. I’m almost done with it and will read When Iran Speaks, next. TN – Ohio

Granny’s Apples: I really liked it. PF – Ohio

Granny’s Apples: I liked it a lot. It was good. ER – Ohio

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