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Final Warning Cover

Final Warning: The Mark of the Beast and 666

W A R N I N G !

When we see the simple, bolded letters of a WARNING sign we immediately take notice and understand that danger is present. Sometimes, additional words aren’t even necessary in order for us to get the message and typically, the more words on the sign, the less anyone gets the message. The dark black letters set on a bright yellow background stand out and immediately make us more aware and cautious of our surroundings.

This book is written with that thought in mind. It is meant to serve as a warning with as few words as practical – with simple words – so that anyone can get the message. It shows how the pure light of God’s Word shines on this very real, very important, and very immediate event transpiring right before our eyes and ears so that we can all clearly understand it.

Many people talk about the mark of the beast (Revelation 14, Verses 9-11) and agree that the mark is in the hand or forehead – the Bible plainly tells us that – but there is considerable debate over what the mark is because most of those same people speculate wildly rather than just allow the Bible to speak for itself. 

Why would God give us this dire warning about taking the mark and then not tell us what it is???

This book is written with the intention of setting the record straight.

He does tell us. He wants us to know. But do we want to know?

There is considerable talk about, and interest in, the mark of the beast and 666.

But, what does the Bible say?

Lots of ideas have been presented on what the mark could be. Some believe it’s a tattoo. Some believe it’s a chip buried beneath the skin. Some say it’s related to credit cards, or a social security number, or a bar code by which one’s ability to buy or sell is controlled. Ideas keep surfacing.

But what does the Bible say?

Some beliefs that people have are based on the words of prophecies that are not in the Bible, but are mixed together with the Bible to form a perception.

But, the whole concept of a mark, a beast, and 666 came from the Bible…

So, what does the BIBLE say?

Let’s see.

A verdict is rendered in a trial when the evidence is beyond reasonable doubt. The evidence provided by the Bible and history can surpass any doubt.

What will you do with the evidence?

When Iran Speaks

When Iran Speaks  Is it possible that Isaiah 18 has been deciphered?

Many Bible commentators have noticed that the vocabulary used in chapters 17 and 18 of the book of Isaiah are very different from their surrounding chapters.

Many are perplexed with the wording in chapter 18, not knowing who the people are or the country in question.

The key to this prophecy is in understanding the vocabulary used by the writer of Isaiah 18 and in identifying the rivers associated with the Garden of Eden. Then, the rest is easy.

As we watch events transpire in the world, keep your eyes and ears open. Forewarned is forearmed.



Radio interviews Iran Speaks 1 of 2.mp3 Iran Speaks 2 of 2.mp3

The Damascus DesmiseThe Damascus Demise  The unique language used in chapters 17 and 18 of Isaiah have led me to question if there is more to these chapters than meets the eye.

There is plenty of commentary to purport a historical fulfillment of this prophecy and there are at least a few reasons to question that view. The Damascus Demise is an insightful look at Chapter 17 of the Book of Isaiah.

Bible commentators have said that this prophecy is fulfilled, but perhaps there is more to be learned… something ominous and impending, today. 

In this book I delve a little more into the current / future applicability of the words because, as you will discover, we are living out a situation that closely matches one of which Isaiah forewarned.

I am not saying that Isaiah 17 was not fulfilled. I am saying that there are questions to be answered, clues that need another look, and whether it is past, present, or future there is something to be learned from this book, something about what we are doing today.

Imagine a trial, where the jury believes that the case before them is simple. Then, the lawyer for the defense introduces a second suspect. The jury experiences reasonable doubt and deliberates, but just when they are convinced of the verdict the tables are turned and the jurors find themselves on trial. A question is posed… and the readers know the answer.

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