Quips and Quotes – Little Words, Big Meanings


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A Penny for Your Thoughts – Be careful when you offer a penny for someone’s thoughts – you just might get their two cent’s worth.

This book is written so that you can contemplate such thoughts each day of the year.

Too often, people rush through one thing and then on to the next, then wonder why they feel unfulfilled. It takes discipline to slow down.

This book is a simple way to practice.

Determine to read each day’s sayings before going to the words of the next, and spend the day just letting the words sink in. Be inspired. Be entertained. Be enriched. Be challenged. Be purposeful. Be changed.

Grannys Apples Granny’s Apples – Apples don’t fall far from the tree, as the saying goes, and the sayings in this book fell to me long ago from one of my ancestors.

I suspect these sayings came from my paternal grandmother because she was the religious one of my two grandparents, and some of the sayings in this book are religious in nature. For years, however, I believed they came from my grandfather because he was very philosophical, quiet, contemplative, wise, humorous and gentle… and these saying reflect that as well.

These nuggets of wit and humor I share with you in honor of my grandparents. May you find the words entertaining, enlightening, humorous, witty, challenging, inspirational, and wise as they echo the thoughts of contemplative minds from a time long ago.

Radio Interview: http://timothycator.com/Audio/Grannys Apples.mp3