The following are meant to do more than make us sentimental about Christmas. They are meant to keep us focused on the real meaning and purpose of the holidays we celebrate and to help us be ready for the return of Jesus.

Each message builds upon the previous until the last message is read.

Where are we in relation to the first message and will be ready for the return of Jesus at the last message?

Feel free to share these by copying/pasting them into emails, sending links to this page, etc.

Thank you.


In The Beginning

‘Tis Not Even Christmas

‘T Was Christmas

Maybe, Just Maybe This Year

Where Is My Invitation?

You’re Invited (To A Wedding)

We Celebrate Our Freedom

Like A Slow Train Comin’


General reviews:

Following my Scripture study time, I read through Tim’s poems and was blessed and inspired; thank you! – JM, Ohio

Thank you for sending me your poem and for your website info.  You are truly gifted.  I sent this information to some of my friends who I know would appreciate the depth and meaning of your words. – RV, Ohio

Thank you for continuing to share your poems with us. We have enjoyed them during this advent season. Like you, we try our best to keep the true meaning of Christmas in perspective. I will forward this to my son, who has gone back to school. We read the others out loud together when he was home. – DG, Ohio

Good thoughts.   Makes me question my own expectations and traditions of Christmas. – MH, Ohio

Thanks for the poems. I like them. – LM, Ohio

Thanks for the Christmas poems. – BK, Ohio

Very nice Tim! – JH, Ohio

I have really enjoyed Tim’s poems. Thanks for sharing! – DK, Ohio

I had a great experience on your website, which is wonderful, as this rarely happen these days. – PA, Florida

Ann writes, “After having read these poems to various people, these were some of the responses we heard:”

You should read these on YouTube where people could really hear the heart of God. He misses us. He is kind and gentle. – KS, Ohio

Thank you so much for sharing these with us. They really pricked our heart. – SDA, Ohio

Thank you so much for sharing these with our family. It means so much to us that you bring the true meaning for the reason we get together to celebrate each year. – RS, New York

Those were really good. Thank you. – PCS, Ohio


Reviews on ‘Tis Not Even Christmas

Good thoughts for the season at hand.  I’ll be looking for what’s yet coming. – MH, Ohio

It was really good. I read it to my family. – EM, Ohio

Nice poems, Tim.  You are a talented writer. – MD, Ohio

That was very good! – CE, Kentucky


Reviews on ‘T Was Christmas

NOTE: This poem was just posted (05-05-16), so no reviews have come in as yet.


Reviews on Maybe, Just Maybe This Year

Very, very true and worth re-reading often. – MJG, Ohio

Great stuff! – JC, Florida

Very nice!  Good job! – JS, Ohio

Thank you, Tim!  Good work! – BK, Ohio

I liked it. – EM, Ohio

I liked it. – HW, Kentucky

Tim. Thank you for sharing this message. It helped me reflect on quite a few things from years past. I plan on sharing this with a few of my friends. I am looking forward to the next. – HT, Maryland


Reviews on Where’s My Invitation?

If only more people would give some thought to the true meaning of the season. Thank you. – MJG, Ohio

Good thoughts. Makes me question my own expectations and traditions of Christmas. – MH, Ohio

Very Nice Tim!  Thanks. Much appreciated. – JS, Ohio

Tim’s poem is right on! Thanks for sharing! – MP, Ohio


Reviews on You’re Invited (To A Wedding)

Thanks, Tim!  It was very, very good! I forwarded it to my men’s group! – JS, Ohio

I like this poem. Very clever. It will be good to use in witnessing. – JS, Ohio

BEAUTIFUL!!! It is MASTERful! – MP, Ohio

Beautiful.  But the really nice thing about THIS wedding invitation is that it’s OK to make copies and give them to others! – JH, Ohio

Love it! – PJ, Texas

WOW! – LW, Ohio

Love the invitation! – MH, Ohio

All of them were good, but I like this one the best. – KS, Ohio


Reviews on Like a Slow Train Comin’

NOTE: This writing has not been emailed as of (05-05-16), so no reviews have come in, yet.