In the Beginning


In the Beginning

(C) 2003, Tim Cator


In the beginning ‘the Three’ got together and created everything there is. After everything was created (except mankind), the following occurred in some form or fashion between Jesus (the Son) and Jehovah (His Father):

Son: Dad, let’s make something like us.

Dad: Let’s create mankind.

Son: They’re adorable!

Dad: They’ve sinned. They have done EXACTLY what they were told NOT to do. They must die! In fact, they’re already dead because they have cut themselves off from us and there is no life apart from us. They HAVE died. It’s just a matter of time and their bodies will disintegrate as well.

Son: But Dad, they’re so precious. They’re my best and most important creation.

Dad: I’m sorry, Son. Sin and death go together. That’s the way we made it. Remember? There are no exceptions. One can not exist without the other. That’s the way it was created. They’re one and the same. We can’t undo that.

Son: But, they’re mine. I don’t want to lose them. Can’t something be done to pay for their sin?

Dad: Well, there is one way to resolve this. But it’s pretty gruesome.

Son: What is it? I’ll do anything!

Dad: You created them. You could take responsibility for them.

Son: What do you mean? How could I do that?

Dad: You would have to die in their place.

Son: But, Dad. That would mean… we would be cut off from each other.

Dad: Yes, but that would restore their fellowship with me… and keep them alive. There is no other way. Something has to die. Blood must be shed. That’s the way we made it.

Son: Dad. I can’t live without you.

Dad: Nope. Nor can they.

They chose to separate themselves from us. They were naked before us, completely open and transparent; with nothing to hide. Now they have sinned and are closed off to us.

Son: I’ll do it!

Dad: Do what?

Son: I’ll die in their place.

Dad: What??? But I love you.

Son: I know. And I love you, but I love them too. I can’t let them die.

Dad: You would do that for them?

Son: Yes… I would. I WILL.

Dad: Yes… you will, but not now.

Go get two of the animals you created and kill them in front of the man and the woman. Let them see the cost of what they have done. It won’t be pleasant but they must be made to understand. When the see the innocent blood gushing from the throats you slit, perhaps they will realize the grotesqueness of their behavior. Sin is complete loss of spiritual life just like total loss of blood is physical death.

In the future, at a time appointed, you must make the same sacrifice for all human kind. You must become like the ones you created. You must live without sin. Perfectly! Then you must die. Your righteous blood must be shed like that of the innocent animals you are about to sacrifice; one death to cover all sin of all mankind.

Son: Dad!

Dad: I know, Son. It’s a huge price to pay. But if they mean that much to you… if you love them so much that you would give your life for them… and in so doing sacrifice your life with me… then I will give up my life with you… my only Son… and save them… for your sake.

Son: Dad…

Dad: I know, Son. It’s a horrible price to pay. But it will work… and it’s the only way.

Thought for the day.

If we knew how much we know, relative to how much there is to know, we’d know how little we knew. #WittyWednesday

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