Like A Slow Train Comin’


Like a Slow Train Comin’

(C) 1978 Tim Cator


I believe in Jesus. I believe that He is the Messiah. I believe that He is the only means for mankind to get back to God. I believe He’s coming again. I believe.

He’s like a slow train comin’, but He’s comin’. He’s definitely on His way. You watch as he seems to wander aimlessly about in the barren desert, picking a passenger from here, a passenger from there. A whole train full of people. Going where?

Curious, you gaze un-intently, half-amused as the train appears and disappears, then reappears somewhere else out of the bright, blinding sun. Here, then there, then twisting, turning, back and forth, lazily but steadily it plods along.

You’ve watched it forever and nary ever a change. Oh, a few bright, interesting moments now and then; stories of how peoples’ lives had been changed and would never be the same since riding the big, iron train. And stories of old, you’ve heard ‘em all, but nothing that didn’t pass in time and the lull of everyday life. You watch on and sigh as lackadaisically you doze off to sleep. The days go by. You’re warm, content, leaning back, taking it easy.

Suddenly, you’re awake. You stand up and take notice. You’re not quite sure what woke you. You look around. You listen. You walk out into the hot, burning sand. You stop. You sense something.

In the distance, heat waves shimmering, glassy in an empty desert. What was it? Was it?

The heat is thick and heavy. Your breath stands still. You’re enveloped in a kiln. The silence is deafening; your temples pound. Your heart skips as cold sweat drenches your body. You stand very still, straining to determine what your senses detect.

Then suddenly, as if the train has turned from nowhere you find it charging, ramming down full-bore upon you. You’re standing in the middle of the tracks!

You freeze. Terror grips your soul as you stare into the face of death. Your knees buckle. You fall to the side of the tracks. Scrambling, you run for your life.

In the distance you see the train station. But you’re on the wrong side of the tracks! You can’t outrun the train. You look back. It’s dreadfully close. You lurch over the rails, stumbling. You run wildly. You’re frantic. Tears fill your eyes. The wind whips your face as you run faster, faster, faster. The train is overtaking you. You can’t go on. But you must. You’re in a panic.

The train screeches to a halt at the station right on time. Where is your ticket? The conductor steps from the train, looks around. Nobody’s waiting. The whistle blows. The conductor shouts, “All aboard!”

Where are you?

Like a slow train comin’, like a thief in the night, stealin’ in, stealin’ away all those who’ve put their faith in Him.


Are you on board?

Thought for the day.

If we knew how much we know, relative to how much there is to know, we’d know how little we knew. #WittyWednesday

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