‘T Was Christmas


‘Twas Christmas

(C) 2003, Tim Cator


‘Twas the day of Christmas and stuffed to the gills

I tried walking off dinner, desserts, and frills

I passed a ragged child alone in the cold

Writing on pavement with a small piece of coal

“Merry Christmas, dear Jesus,” wrote the small boy

“Happy New Year to you, too,” signed, “Your friend, Roy”

“A gag gift,” I asked, “from a funny someone?”

“No,” he said with a big smile, “my only one”


How innocent a child’s pure simplicity

How awesome the child of the nativity


“Were you so bad,” I asked, “and this, your reward?”

“No, Sir,” he replied, “it’s all we could afford

It came wrapped in this hankie, a gift from dad

Because he loves me, not because I was bad”

“And what of your mom, what did she give to you?”

“A hug, a kiss, and a big ‘I Love You,’ too”

“And so, that’s all that you got?” I asked somewhat glib

“Yes, that’s all. Oh! And a tickle on the rib”


How ingenious the lives of those in their youth

How profound to trust in the simplest truths


‘Twas Christmas night and as I sat in my house

I felt cold, I felt empty, worse than a louse

I had bedrooms unused and clothes never worn

Food left uneaten and many presents scorned

Things not really needed were everywhere

It was just stuff meant to show that someone cared

I thought of the young boy, his mom, and his dad

How they must struggle for the little they had


How ignorant the lives of some in their prime

How foolish of me not to reckon my time


I prayed, “Oh God, how can I be so greedy

To have all this and yet ignore the needy?”

I prayed but my prayers ne’er went past the ceiling

They echoed loudly, returned without feeling

I cried, “Oh, dear God, please help them and speedy

You can see they’re helpless, hopeless, and needy”

I ended with thoughts, “God be with you. Be blessed”

And put them in His hands, trusting they’d find rest


How God works is a mystery, I’ve been told

And, how he works through us can be rather bold


I went to my wife’s side and gently implored

“Wake up, dear. For Christmas, we have to do more”

She opened her eyes while looking so forlorn

“What are you talking ‘bout? It’s three in the morn’ ”

“We must do more, for Christmas to be its best”

“We’ll do more, later. For now, let’s get some rest”

But, I wouldn’t give up. I wouldn’t give in

“If we don’t walk the talk, you know it’s a sin”


How importune we must be. Life is at stake

How important it is, the life that we make


We talked of our giving, we talked of the need

After talking it over we both agreed

We celebrate Christmas, we give what we do

We’ll divide our giving, start giving anew

For the dollars we spend on those on our list

We’ll match that amount for others that get missed

We can think of plenty who’ve less than us two

There’s more that we don’t know than those that we do


How blessed to give rather than to receive

How much better now, Christmas, you can believe


Thanks to the Christ-child living deep in our hearts

Christmas can last all year if we do our part

Be blessed everyone, for this is joy, true

When every day is giving, and selfless, too

It’s so true. ONE gave ALL so we truly live

And oh the rewards no one ever out-gives

A gift can be simple, or sky, the limit

When it’s heart-given the thought is explicit


How blessed to receive so that we can give

This is really living when this way we live


Thanks to a ragged child alone with some coal

Etching deep on our hearts a new Christmas goal

“Merry Christmas, dear Jesus. Thanks for our joy

Happy New Year to you, too, our new friend, Roy”

It’s no joke. One receives more, the more one gives

It’s true. The rewards no one ever outlives

A gift can be simple, a hug and a kiss

But when they’re not given they are always missed


How powerful the words spoken, “I love you”

How life-giving when acted out. Oh, how true!


So, why not give it a try? See and believe

Share with more strangers, the more friends you’ll conceive

Christmas will be every day throughout the year

Each day a merry one as people draw near

It’s so true. If one gives, someone must receive

It only takes one before two can believe

It’s so true. If one receives, that one must give

For only in giving do they truly live


How much from nativity’s Child we’ve received

How many by this same Child we must relieve

Thought for the day.

If we knew how much we know, relative to how much there is to know, we’d know how little we knew. #WittyWednesday

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