‘Tis Not Even Christmas


‘Tis Not Even Christmas

(C) 1989, Tim Cator


‘Tis not even Christmas, already we hear
“Get ready for Christmas, for it’s drawing near”
The costumes, the parties, the tricks, and the treats
To Santa and reindeer all now take back seats
The Thanksgiving turkey, the ham, and the pie
Aren’t even digested ‘fore we start to buy
The season starts early for sake of the sales
Who cares about Jesus if business fails?

Gone is tradition, what’s sacred and holy
Forget God. Support the red roly-poly

‘Twas weeks before Christmas and all through the malls
Retailers were rushing ‘round having a ball
Marking down items, taking credit or cash
Doing whate’er it takes to build up their stash
People were buying, no thought for the morrow
Guilt and fear driving them, making them borrow
‘Til so far in debt they can ne’er repay, when
Next year we know it starts all over again

Gone now is the motto, “It’s the thought that counts”
It’s size, quantity, cost, to what it amounts

‘Twas days before Christmas and all throughout stores
Merchants competed for sales, “Buy mine. Buy more”
Making last minute bargains, offering steals
To break records of past years with super deals
People bought anything ‘cause it was marked down
If it was on sale, or not nailed to the ground
In the frenzy you know common sense was lost
But this is our Christmas no matter the cost

Gone, true meaning, “Better to give than receive”
We out-buy, our guilty conscience to relieve

‘Twas the day before Christmas all through the land
This scene was repeated on every hand
People were pushing and shoving each other
It wasn’t the season to love thy brother
In traffic jams horns kept angrily blaring
In checkout lines some were bitterly swearing
No carolers singing, just overpriced trees
No church bells were ringing, no nativity

Gone is the spirit of good will and good cheer
The needy go hungry, their eyes full of tears

‘Twas the night before Christmas all o’er the world
Not a one gave a care to what was unfurled
No one thought that a star could herald a King
Not a one really thought that angels would sing
No one felt the emptiness deep in their soul
As the Christ child was lost under mistletoe
“Champagne on the house, there’s no room at this inn
for wise men, a virgin, and One without sin”

Gone was the hope, the prayers, and the good news
We believe in Santa, the popular view

‘Twas the hour of Christmas, when at every door
Came a knock so long knocking, then came no more
Dreams were for dreaming of our presents so dear
Champagne’s for drinking to bring in the New Year
It’s not surprising some curse the day He’s born
Just watch us at Easter. We put him to scorn
It’s “Merry X-mas,” there’s no room left within
For the one called Jesus who takes away sin

Long gone is the burning for souls that are lost
Except for Hell’s fire. Show them Christ paid the cost

‘Twas the advent of Christmas, millennia past
You’d think that this good news would travel so fast
But others’ opinions of us we do fear
While needy go hungry, their hearts full of fear
Merry Christmas, alas, no room at the inn
For wise men, a virgin, and One without sin
“Happy New Year. Say, is there room at your inn?”
For wise men still seek him, the One without sin”

Thought for the day.

If we knew how much we know, relative to how much there is to know, we’d know how little we knew. #WittyWednesday

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