Where Is My Invitation?


Where Is My Invitation?

(C) 2009, Tim Cator


I didn’t get an invitation, but of course

It was my own birthday celebration so I

Just assumed I was invited even though

No one ever told me about a party


It really couldn’t have been a surprise party

Because there’s the same celebration, yearly

The same people, the same time, the same place

Doing the same old thing every single time


No one ever asked me if I wanted a party

Or what kind I wanted if they did throw one

I guess they just assumed I would appreciate

The thought, show up, and celebrate anyway


I wonder if they’d notice if I didn’t show up?

And would they know if I left the party early?

I didn’t know half the people there, nor they, Me,

Because they don’t recognize me in person


No one sang Happy Birthday, baked a cake,

Or wondered of my wish if I blew out the candles

I wondered who the party was really for and

Then mostly what the party was really all about


The angels and I celebrate every time a person

Realizes their need of me and accepts my gift

I don’t do much celebrating at Christmas

I just sit quietly with my Father and wait


Seriously, how does Santa make anyone think of Me?

Why not dress a person like a shepherd or a wise man

And let them ring a bell every time they stop

And help someone in need throughout the year?


Better yet, every Christian just dress for the occasion

And throughout the year do as I did when I was here

Then, at Christmas time get everyone together and

Celebrate the successes with the angels and Me


I gave an invitation, and guess who showed up?

Only those who expected to celebrate by giving,

Wise men who believed what I said and did as I did

And will sit joyously with my Father and Me forever

Thought for the day.

If we knew how much we know, relative to how much there is to know, we’d know how little we knew. #WittyWednesday

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